We love making sure you guys are the first to know about exciting new products that help us live better. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, camping connoisseur or just constantly find yourself fixing things here and there, we think that ANKOR will be right up your alley. The home-grown design team at Grain of Light has spent the last two years meticulously developing this multi-tool and have just launched their Kickstarter campaign today. Need a travel flashlight? A mini screwdriver? Or a portable bottle opener? Forget about all of those separate tools and consider an all-in-one ANKOR, designed to solve a legion of everyday problems.

ANKOR Multi Tool Backpack

What Is ANKOR?

This super nifty pocket light and multi-tool combo is packed with a bunch of handy features that will prepare you for any situation. Made from aerospace titanium, the ANKOR is lightweight, has exceptional corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand intense weather conditions. The sleek and compact design easily fits in a pocket and takes up hardly any room inside a camping kit. You actually don’t even have to put it inside anything thanks to a convenient carabiner clip that lets you hook it onto a belt loop or backpack.

Each ANKOR is equipped with:

Imperial & Metric Measuring Devices

3/8″  & 7/16″ Wrench

1/4″ Hex Drive

Bottle Opener


Box Cutter

ANKOR Multi Tool Hooks

How Does ANKOR Work?

The different tools of the ANKOR can be found on the small carabiner clip at the end of the device. The instrument includes a box cutter, wrench bottle opener and ruler, plus plenty more. The carabiner itself allows you to literally anchor the device from just about anywhere. The quick-release mechanism provides fast and easy access to all of the tools, without having to unhook the carabiner from your belt loop, bag or whatever else it might be attached to. Simply twist and pull the ANKOR and it will release instantly from the metal carabiner. Completely shockproof and waterproof, this multi-tool is designed for outdoor adventures.

ANKOR Multi Tool With Tools

Quick Fixes, Wherever You Go

Whether you’re a cyclist who needs a mini tool kit on long rides, an outdoor aficionado trekking through mountains, or just the Average Joe searching for a screwdriver or a bottle opener, the ANKOR has got your back. Think about all of those moments when you just wish you had that little tool to fix that little problem. Maybe a screw is loose on your bike or it’s pitch black around your campsite? With the ANKOR you can make quick fixes to your situation and continue along your merry way.

ANKOR Multi Tool

Hop onto Kickstarter to learn more about ANKOR and find out how to pre-order one today.

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