Dosh’s new range has landed at Rushfaster! We decided to get in touch with Mark Armstrong, one of the founders of dosh, to have a quick chat about the innovative design behind the wallet.

Can you give us a brief rundown of your design background prior to the dosh project?

The core team at dosh are all Industrial designers. We still run one of Australia’s leading design consultancies- BlueSky and our work includes projects such as new check-ins for Qantas, appliances for Electrolux and even complex medical products such as the Cochlear Bionic ear. Innovative Design is in our blood…

How did the dosh concept come about and what was the major source of inspiration?

Both Henri and I in our roles at Blue Sky have been designing lots of products for some of Australia’s leading brands and it was just a matter of time until we decided it was the right time to design something for ourselves. We have seen how successful companies bring new products to life and now we have the opportunity to control our own destiny. It’s fantastic fun.

What is the design process like for dosh?

At dosh we use a combination of strategic research with creativity. The design process starts with understanding the drivers of culture, the competition, and the market forces in general. A good understanding of those things help identify new business opportunities. This research is then fused with new technologies and materials.

The last and most potent ingredient is innovation and requires the input from a talented team of innovative thinkers.

Sourcing for production of the wallets, how challenging is it to find quality materials that meet your specifications, and what made you decide to go for the unique polymer blend used in the dosh range?

We have surrounded ourselves with a network of suppliers who are the best in their fields.

When it came to materials selection we met up with key technologists at Bayer Materials Science and selected the polymers with the performance and characteristics that are smooth and friendly to touch while at the same time are durable, chemical resistant and will last a lifetime. When we chose to re-invent the wallet we knew it would require new materials and manufacturing processes.

Where are the wallets made?

We’re always very proud to say that the wallets are made right here in Sydney. We are not trying to make the cheapest wallet in the world we’re trying to make the best.

In Australia there are some specialist manufacturers who are equivalent to the world’s best and for us there is no need to run off to China to try and save a few cents. The factory is close to our office and we can respond to requests for stock very quickly – there is no lag in time due to freight or customs. Many of our customers love the fact that the product is designed and manufactured in Sydney… One of our German customers said how refreshing it was to buy from Australia rather than China.

How do you decide who to collaborate with and who would you love to work with in the future?

We’ve been very fortunate to work with some incredibly creative and talented people with both the ‘Wallets as Art’ range and the ‘Collaborations’ range. Our agency, Phoenix, have done a great job in introducing dosh to like-minded people like Kill Pixie and Pedal Consumption (a fixed gear bike blog). We’re all inspired by creative original things so we hope that’s rubbed off onto the brand and product!

What is your favourite feature of the wallets, and which is your favourite in the new range?

I love the fact that the dosh is streamlined. Before dosh I had a fat wallet full of receipts, business cards and rubbish that I didn’t need or use. Now I have a selection of cards and some notes and I travel light. it’s good Feng Shui!

My new favourite is ‘Spider’ from the ‘street’ range. This is the first tri-colour Wallet we’ve made and I’ve been using one for the last couple of weeks. Its comfortable, easy and quick to use, plus the look is jumping.

Thanks Mark!

To celebrate the new range of dosh wallets, we’re giving you all a chance to pick one up for free! Just post a comment telling us why you think dosh wallets rock and you’ll be in the running to win!

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