About Rushfaster.com.au

Rushfaster.com.au is a premium bag and accessories online store based in Sydney, Australia. We launched in September 2004 with a focus to improve the local e-commerce offering. We range a carefully selected mix of well-known and niche brands and combine this with the best online experience in the industry. The result is a great place to pick up some great bags to protect great things.

About Rushfaster Pty Ltd

Rushfaster, initially a Sydney based online bag and accessory retailer, was founded by Daniel Clark and Joseph Vuong in 2004 to fill a gap in the bag market in Australia... cool 'tech-fashion' bags that the stores weren't selling. We got our 'Pty Ltd' shortly after on the 1st September 2004.

A while after we launched rushfaster.com.au we realised that people seemed to like the way we did online retail. And after looking around at the competition, we liked the way we did it too. So we expanded our mission from awesome bags to an awesome online retail store. We now call ourselves an online specialist retailer and we operate an accompanying specialty blog.

Everything we do is based around the word 'awesome'. We sell awesome products, we work with awesome people, we create awesome online stores that give an awesome customer experience and in return we attract awesome customers. This word makes our job easier. If we can't do something in an awesome way, we don't do it. If we need to decide whether or not to sell something we ask ourselves if we think it's awesome, if it is we sell it.

Apart from our infatuation with a single word, we also follow a few other values. Be nice people, hire nice people and work with nice people. Look after our customers, staff and business partners. Focus on creating a great experience for everyone. Embrace limitations & get creative. And respect the planet and minimise our impact on it.