HEX iPad 3 Code Folio - Red


The Code iPad 3 Folio is a slim profile, genuine leather, custom moulded device bed by Hex. With the option of multiple viewing angles, it features three card slots, two internal document pockets, a pen holder and camera hole.

The Code Folio for Ipad is a slim and sleek way to protect your iPad while providing maximum use options. The idea is to serve as an all-in-one solution to make those “All I need is my iPad” days more frequent. To this end, the Code Folio offers the great look and feel of genuine leather construction to a host of user-friendly features. Once opened, the Folio reveals details like 3 card slots for credit cards, ID, or business cards, 2 pockets for essential documents like note pads, travel tickets, or the ever-popular cash. A custom molded device bed secures your iPad in the Folio and even the speaker channel has been thoughtfully designed to direct sound out towards the front of the case. There is also a pen holder, because let’s face it, we still use these and a camera hole for your photographic needs. Additionally, the Code Folio acts as a stand, allowing your iPad to hinge out for multiple viewing angles for entertainment or presentations. Finally, a substantial elastic strap keeps the Folio closed and your whole life secure inside. Hex has packed a lot of thought into this one and it'll be apparent when you get your hands on one.

  • Three card slots for business cards, ID, credit cards or cash for convenience
  • Speaker channel designed to direct sound towards the front of the case for maximal volume
  • Pen holder
  • Stand feature allows you to view your iPad on multiple viewing angles
  • Camera hole feature protects your iPad without compromising any features or functions

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