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These days owning a notebook is nothing unusual, it has become stock standart. Possibly one of the most common sights is people sitting in their favorite cafe completely absorbed in the screen of their notebook. Whether you use it for work, for your studies or just to stay in touch with your friends on facebook, notebooks have become an essential part of every day life. Everyone has got one and the ones who don't want one. So how are you going to set yourself apart? The answer is with a unique notebook bag! They not only protect your precious notebook when you're on the move but notebook bags also come in plenty of different colors and styles to choose from.

We've hand picked some of the best notebook bags on the market today. You're sure to find the latest models and coolest notebook bags right here at Rushfaster!

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Incase Notebook Bags

Incase Notebook Bags

Incase is easliy one of the top brands when it comes to notebook bags. Their designs feature bold colors, strong but light fabrics and unique artist collaborations. And by combining innovative materials and premium construction Incase deliver the optimum in durability, ease-of-use and functional design. By immersing themselves in the communities they serve, Incase create the highest quality products and for all situations. Incase looks to musicians, athletes, industrial designers, artists, and mavericks across the cultural landscape to help them create their products. With simple designs, the best quality and innovative concepts Incase notebook bags are second to none and are definitely worth checking out!

Rushfaster is the only place you can get Incase Notebook Bags in Australia.

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Shop Knomo Bungo Notebook Bags

Knomo Bungo Notebook Bags

One of our favorites here at Rushfaster the Knomo Bungo is one fine notebook bag! Genuine Leather on the flap and sides, hard wearing nylon on the back, 2 internal compartment plus an organiser compartment and a zip to expand the bag when you need to make this the perfect notebook bag. That and the fact that it has the looks as well. If you're after a premium quality bag that protects your notebook has plenty of room for more and turns heads while it's at it, you just got lucky.

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Booq Nerve Notebook Bags

Booq Nerve Notebook Bags

The rugged Boa nerve is a notebook bag that works hard for you whether you're a businessman or bike messenger. We are confident this bag can handle anything you can throw at it or stuff inside of it! It is designed to be extremely tough, but no features were spared during the development process giving the bag an abundance of functionality. The Nerve's features include a removable protective laptop sleeve, adjustable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad and stabilizing strap, a large front pocket with built in organiser, exterior handle and trolley pass-through on the back, and much more. The Booq Nerve notebook bag is comes in black or blue and in two different sizes to make sure there is one for you.

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Cote Et Ciel Notebook Bags

Cote Et Ciel Notebook Bags

Cote et Ciel is a Paris based brand creating products for people inspired by their surroundings and equipped to seize those very moments when ideas are born. The Cote et Ciel notebook bags are a new concept created for the savvy young entrepreneur or the dynamic creative talent that is always on the move. They are made from 100% PET bottles to reduce their environmental impact! The conceptual design of their notebook bags gives you easy access to your notebook and office essentials, and provides you with all the room and comfort you need to get through your busy days.

Rushfaster is the only place in Australia that sells Cote et Ciel notebook bags!

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Red Maloo Notebook Bags

Red Maloo Notebook Bag

More sleeve than notebook bag the Red Maloo range is one of the most innovative ways to protect your notebook. Made in Germany, Red Maloo try to create products that combine the modern with the traditional. The world is getting smaller so their designs have to become smarter otherwise everything looks like everything else. The Red Maloo notebook bag is beautifully crafted from 100% german wool felt of the highest quality, density and luminosity. The felt they use is of such quality that it gets imported to Japan for tea ceremonies! With their simple and modern design and the range of bright colors the Red Maloo notebook bag is unique product in the world of modern electronics.

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Superdry Notebook Bags

Superdry Notebook Bags

One of our favourites here at Rushfaster this Superdry notebook bag is probably the coolest bit of tarpaulin on straps money can buy! Lots of functionality plus lots of style make this bag a standout amongst its peers. Let's be honest, a lot of notebokk bags don't quite manage to combine functionality and good looks, it's either one or the other. Not so this Superdry notebook bag. Plenty of room for your lappie and whatever else you might need, a bunch of smaller organiser compartments and a tough exterior with heavy duty weatherproof zippers set this bag apart. No to mention the bold Superdry logo down the front of it. If you carry this notebook bag you're sure to be seen!

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Booq's Viper Rush Notebook Bags

Booq Viper Rush Notebook Bags

The updated version of the Booq Vyper Exo, the semi-rigid Viper rush work-in laptop case is made from moulded high-density foam to protect your laptop. Its oversized, premium-quality YKK zipper allows you to open the bag about 120 degrees and enables you to work while your laptop is in the bag. Special bumpers elevate your laptop and allow heat to escape. An intelligent interior layout with non-scratch neoprene pockets and compartments for your power adapter, cables, phone, iPod, keys, pens and business cards makes it easy to keep your mess organised. While quite capable of keeping up with your fast-paced day at work, at home, and everything in between, a Viper rush is not a bag for just anything, or anyone. It's an everyday bag designed to carry the most ambitious ideas: yours.

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Knomo Slim Quilted Notebook Bags

Knomo Slim Quilted Notebook Bags

If you want something a little different from your notebook bag or add a little colour to your day to day routine have a look at the Knomo Slim Quilted notebook bags. Handcrafted from genuine hide leather and nylon twill quilting to protect your notebook from any bumps and knocks. Knomo was born at Heathrow Airport. The Owner was called to his flight and noticed that someone had mistakenly picked up his bag. When he looked around he noticed that everyone was carrying almost identical notebook bags. He decided to make quality notebook bags that would distinguish themselves from the gray and boring bags that were out there. And with the quilted design and brilliant range of colours the Slim Quilted Knomo notebook bag is no exception to that! But see for yourself...

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