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If you're planning to go on a trip overseas or not quite that far and you're not sure how to fit all your things and safe some room for souvenirs it might be time to invest in some new luggage. And when we say luggage we don't just mean the massive kind, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Back in the day when people were talking about luggage they were referring to heavy wooden chests and trunks that had to be moved by professionals. Nowadays luggage ranges from sleak, wheeled suitcases to tough duffels made from tarpaulin. Of course there are also crossbreads like duffel bags on wheels and duffels that turn into backpacks in seconds. Whatever kind you're after with the best range of luggage in Sydney you're sure to find it here at Rushfaster, Sydney.

We've hand picked some of the best luggage on the market today. Whether you're after new bag for that big trip you've always dreamed of or just want a little carry on case that makes all the smaller trips you're taking that little bit more comfortable. You're sure to find the latest models and coolest luggage in Sydney right here at Rushfaster!

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Shop for Superdry luggage in Sydney at Rushfaster

Superdry Luggage

One of our favorites here at Rushfaster this Superdry duffle is probably the coolest bit of tarpaulin money can buy! Lots of functionality plus lots of style make this piece of luggage a standout amongst its peers. Let's be honest, a lot of bags don't quite manage to combine functionality and good looks, it's either one or the other. Not so the Superdry Kit Bag. Plenty of room for your clothes, shoes and whatever else you might need with a bunch of smaller organiser compartments and a tough exterior with heavy duty weatherproof zippers set this apart from your average bag. Not to mention the bold Superdry logo down the side o this bag. If you carry this bit of luggage extraordinaire you're sure to be seen!

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Browse the best range of Check in luggage

Check in Luggage

If you've got a trip planned that's longer than couple of days then these are for you. They cover every kind of luggage that's to big to take on board a plane with you be it duffels, suitcases or backpacks. What kind of luggage you need really just depends on the trip you have planned. If you're going hiking through nepal you might want to grab a North Face duffel, if you're going to a resort but you want to look like you're going hiking through nepal you might want to grab yourself a North Face duffel. But whatever the reason to grab yourself a new piece of luggage there is one for everyone and every trip at Rushfaster Sydney.

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North Face Luggage Sydney

The North Face Luggage

A classic amongst travellers and adventurists alike, The North Face luggage is known for their strength and outlandish toughness. The North Face has been a global leader in outdoor apparel and gear for over 35 years. Their clothes and gear are known for clever designs accomodating functionality, endurance and style. Their luggage is no exception to that rule. Be it their range of duffle / backpacks made from heavy tarpaulin and available in 4 different sizes and plenty of colors or their Longhauls, the ultimate bag for knockabout journeys, The North Face luggage is made to stay! Just looking at their bags makes you want to get out of the house and hike around South America. Or maybe that's just us.

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Shop Mandarina Duck Work Luggage

Mandarina Duck "Work" Luggage

When it comes to luggage they're aren't many brands as innovative as Mandarina Duck. Known for their simplistic designs, special lightweight fabrics and bold colors Mandarina Duck luggage sets itself apart from other brands. Known for their quality and longevity Mandarina Duck already have a legion of fans around the world. They're Work luggage collection is testament to that. A work-travel system that includes briefcases and suitcases with inimitable design, a harmony of soft lines in a usually rigorous world. Their innovative materials are made by combining two soft-touch fabrics subjected to special treatments with polyurethane resins that guarantee a strong and water-proof bag. Mandarina Duck Work luggage is designed to look good and work well.

And here at Rushfaster in Sydney we not just stock their Work luggage but also the Isi collection and the newest addition to their lineup: Drop.

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The best range of Carry On Luggage in Australia

Carry On Luggage

The perfect piece of luggage for short trips is the carry on. Whether you're actually flying or just taking the car on a weekend away, "carry on luggage"" is the way to go. Small enough to fit on a plane but big enough to hold everything you might need on your short trips make carry on's an essential piece of luggage. No queuing after your flight, no dragging around a suitcase full of stuff you won't need and plenty of different designs to choose from. A sleak Mandarina Duck, funky Gravis Jetway or maybe a stylish Knomo. Whatever kind of carry on you're after you'll find it at Rushfaster Luggage, Sydney.

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Rushfaster Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags

There is not much that needs to be said about this kind of bag. Pretty much everyone has owned one at some stage or another, duffel bags are the classic way of carrying around your belongings. Whether they have wheels or turn into a backpack a duffel bag is probably the most basic kind of luggage. Usually they are just a barrel shaped bag with a few handles and a shoulder strap, done. With this simple and original design duffels have been around forever. But that doesn't mean they are old-fashioned! We think they are the cool kid amongst the luggage family and these days more than ever. Just look at the Superdry duffels or Diesels idea of a duffel. They're tough, look great and make travelling as cool as it should be. It doesn't get much better than that.

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Top Rated Gravis Luggage

Gravis Luggage

Born from Burton Snowboard's roundtable process, Gravis has become one of the most sought after brands. And with their tough, durable fabrics, clever use of space and that bold streetwear look it's no surprise that Gravis luggage has become one of the bestsellers here at Rushfaster Australia. When buying the Jetway or Trekker you know you're getting a bag that will last. Made from strong fabrics like tarpaulin with plenty of zippered organiser compartments on the inside and rolling on skateboard wheels Gravis luggage isn't just functional it also looks damn good!

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