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Apple has released the iPad in Australia and Rushfaster have a comprehensive range of iPad cases in stock and ready to ship. Protect your iPad with an iPad case from Incase, Booq, Griffin, Cygnett, Gecko or SwitchEasy.

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Boa Skin iPad Case

Boa Skin iPad Cases

The Boa skin is the ideal protection for your Apple iPad inside another bag, backpack, or purse. Its soft neoprene protects and stretches to fit the iPad and other items, while its rigid flat base provides impact protection to the display side. Made from durable Twylon and high-quality neoprene the Boa sleeve will keep your iPad save and looking good!

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Booq Taipan Shadow XS at Rushfaster

Booq Taipan Shadow XS iPad Cases

Taipan shadow blends a slick messenger style with a professional, understated appearance. Compact and lightweight yet surprisingly roomy and protective, its luxurious interior offers plenty of room for papers, business cards, keys, and laptop accessories while the bag maintains a minimum exterior size. A plushly lined laptop compartment equipped with a durable YKK zipper, a back pocket with zippered trolley pass-through, and a seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad are just some of the key features that make Taipan shadow the ideal compact bag for everyday use. Each Taipan shadow is equipped with a unique Terralinq number. Once registered, the booq Terralinq service may help reunite you with your lost and found bag.

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The Announcement

The Future, now. The Apple iPad in Action.

The iPad has landed! The rumors had been going since 2006 and have been boiling over in the last couple of weeks but as of today the world is one gizmo the richer. So does the iPad live up to its hype? Is it going to be the savior of traditional media? We'll see. The one thing we can do (finally) is to have a look at the specs and capabilities of this little gem. And now that the cat is out of the bag it is only a matter of time before the first non Apple iPad Cases, cases and iPad bags pop up!

The iPad's 9.7" display delivers stunning graphics and makes browsing the web or watching movies the experience it should be with its vibrant colors an crisp text. Going through your emails is turned into a whole new experience on the iPad with its optional Portrait or landscape mode that lets you just focus on one email or split the screen so you can read your emails and still see what else is lurking in your inbox. Not to mention that all you have to do to change between modes is to turn your iPad on its side or upright. The iPad uses the same App store the popular iPhone does with Apps from business to fun and ones especially designed for the iPad highlighted so you know whcih ones are catered specifically to take advantage of the iPad's capabilities.

The iPad, of course, has all the iTunes functionalities that let you buy, import and listen to all your favorite tunes and it also lets you buy or rent movies and get your hands on the latest ebooks. Apple has been working closely with the New York Times developing a way to read the newspaper that is actually better than, well, reading the newspaper. Gaming on the iPad, thanks to EA Games, will be more than just killing time while you wait for the train. And one of our favorites: the price! Starting at $499 US the iPad is considerably cheaper than expected.

Whether the iPad will change the way we look at things and revolutionise traditional media remains to be seen but here at Rushfaster we can't wait to get our hands on one to see for ourselves! As was to be expected considering it is an Apple the iPad looks stunning and deserves to be protected. And with the announcement only hours ago there is already a handful of iPad accessories such as iPad Cases available. And with the specs and design finally released it is only a matter of time until they will be a plethora of iPad Cases, iPad bags and iPad cases to choose from to make your iPad stand out.

The Apple iPad Buzz

The Future, now. The Apple iPad in Action.

The Apple iPad is landing and with it unlimited possibilities. Time to get an iPad Case, almost.

Possibly the most hyped announcement since the release of the iPhone is set to happen only days from now. On january 27th Apple is set to announce their latest creation at a press conference in San Francisco. The iPad, or iPad, or just tablet. Apple has not yet officially confirmed any of the rumors that have been building since 2006 but it is expected that the iPad will be revealed to a select few members of the press on said date. With a few days to go we still don't even know what it will be called. Most people have their money on iPad, trademarked in the States back in 2006, with iPad running a close second with trademarks popping up all over the world more recently. But whether it's called iPad or iPad the more interesting questions are how much is it going to cost and what can it do?

General consent seems to be that the iPad will come in at around the $1000 mark with analysts agreeing that the demand will very much depend on the price. Some people familiar with the matter suggest that Apple is planning on releasing two versions of the iPad one with a more traditional display that will cost between $800 - $1000 and an OLED display version which would come in closer to the $2000 mark. Apart from the price, Apple is certainly facing a few obstacles with their iPad tablet mainly convincing consumers that it is worth buying in addition to their laptops and iPhones. So what can the iPad do?

There is a report that your iPad will be able to support multiple users by user aware facial recognition via its camera. Not a bad start. It is also said to have a virtual keyboard for text input which had some people asking whether there would be a way of propping up the iPad to make typing more comfortable. As we don't really know what exactly the iPad will look like it is hard to say, but it's pretty certain that somewhere someone is preparing an iPad Case or sleeve that might do exactly that.

The Super Thin iPad.

What else can the iPad do?

There is mystery surrounding as to exactly what an iPad is capable of. It is fair to assume though that it will be like an iPod touch on steroids regarding functionality and speed. It will let you play games, watch movies, read ebooks, get the latest news and connect to the internet. Some familiar with the matter say the iPad will have its own wirelss while others are convinced it will have 3G instead. Then again it is suggested that it won't have either but it will be able to roam for free because the iPad is permanently tethered to your iPhone. The most likely case being the iPad will have WiFi and an optional 3G network should you ever be away from your hotspot. True or not all the rumors surrounding the iPad, if that's even what it is called, are definitely getting us here very excited! And what will an iPad Case look like? Considering the massive range of iPhone cases it can be expected that there will be just as many iPad Cases and iPad Cases on the market as soon as the iPad hits the stores!

The iPad is also hailed as the savior of traditional media. The Wall Street Journal says Steve Jobs is "supportive of the old guard and [he] looks to help them by giving them new forms of distribution," referring to old media companies, which echoes a quote in the New York Times that in the battle over ebook pricing with Amazon, apparently "Apple has put an offer together that helps publishers and, by extension, authors." It appears with the iPad Apple want to distribute old media such as news papers and magazines differently.

Ease of use meets sleek designs.

And as has been rumored for months, Apple is said to be in negotiations with TV producers over some kind of monthly subscription service for the iPad. It's easy to believe because like mentioned earlier Apple needs to convince consumers it is worth getting an iPad in addition to the gizmos like iPhones and laptops they already have. The obstacle Apple appears to be facing with their plan to have a subscription service for the iPad is the fact that Steve Jobs is very particular as to what programs he would like to license for his new tablet. The TV producers would like him to simply license all of it while he is more interested in the "quality programs".

So, what is the iPad going to look like?

In regards to design it is safest to assume that the iPad will look, well, like a larger version of an iPhone. The display has been rumored to be between 7 and 15 inches in size while most people that are familiar with the subject suggest a display in the 10 inch region. There have been many images circulating on the internet alleging to be images of the bezel the display is embedded in but even so, this might be a good time to remind people that Apple before the launch of the iPhone built dummies to throw outsiders of their scent. So lets stick with the assumption of a 10 inch display. Apple has released a Nr of patents that might or might not be related to the iPad. One of them for a touch screen system that will be solely pixel based, making the touch pad redundant and therefor making for one very thin appliance. Exciting! And while Apple is doing that you can be sure that other companies are frantically designing an iPad Case or iPad Case to accommodate the functionality and protecting the iPad at the same time.

There will be a multitude of iPad accessories.

Let's Sum it Up!

The number of rumors surrounding the new iPad circulating the internet are endless so let's have a quick look at the good, the bad and the ugly. It is very likely that the iPad will

  • come in around $1000
  • have a unique tablet UI
  • have an e-reader functionality for newspapers, magazines and books
  • support Apple's App Store
  • be supported by multiple 3G carriers
  • interact with users using palms and fingers
  • have a 10 Inch display, housed in an aluminium case
  • have an optional tv and movie subscription service

It's not likely that the iPad will be equipped with an OLED display, have a front facing camera or have some kind of 3D operating system. Then again, it is Apple so we can''t be sure. All we know is that it'll be pretty damn good especially considering that it might just be Steve Jobs swan song, the one he will be remembered for. And what better way to be remembered than by succeeding with a device others have failed on and at the same time maybe just saving traditional media?

But the release of the iPad also means something else. Right now all around the world are companies waiting for a first glimpse at the mysterious iPad just so they can finalise their work on iPad accessories such as iPad Cases, iPad Cases, iPad bags and whatever else one might need in conjunction with Apples latest creation.

And if you want to be the first to know about iPad Cases, sleeves and bags email us!

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