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Whether you are a professional photographer or photography is merely a hobby it's important to have a good camera bag. When it comes to camera bags the choices are endless and the kind of camera bag you eventually get will depend on your preferences and what you intend to do with your camera. Camera bags come in a range of different sizes and designs.

If you've got an expensive SLR you should look at camera bags that offer solid protection and have enough room to carry a few extra lenses and your equipment. If you' ve got a little digital camera that you use occasionally when you're out with you're friends you should probably look at the smaller camera bags that hug your camera tightly and protect it from scuffs and scratches while you carry it around in your bag.

These days camera bags not only offer protection but can make carrying your camera gear a lot easier, not to mention that they look pretty good too. But which camera bag is the one for you? With the choice of camera bags being as big as it is today it is fair to say that there is a camera bag for everyone! And we're pretty sure that the camera bag you need is right here at Rushfaster Australia.

We've hand picked some of the best camera bags on the market today. You're sure to find the latest models and coolest camera bags right here at Rushfaster!

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Booq Python Blur Camera Bag

Booq Camera Bags

As with all Booq bags, Booq camera bags are designed for the next generation of ambitious creative professionals. Booq is run by a small team of highly motivated creative individuals who are committed to providing the highest level of product performance and service to some of the world's most demanding laptop bag customers for many years to come. And their camera bags are no exception. Made to fit a laptop as well as your camera with plenty of spare compartments for easy access and held together by tough YKK zippers Booq camera bags are amongst the best camera bags you can get for your precious camera!

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Sturdy Booq Boa Flow

Booq Boa Flow Camera Bags

Boa flow camera bags have been designed to accommodate the various working environments and changing requirements of creative professionals. Integral to the camera bags flexible design is its collapsible bottom compartment, which serves as a protected, separate place for your camera or large headphones. When those items are not needed, collapsing the compartment maximizes the main volume for books, documents, or other large items. A highly protective laptop compartment, extremely durable YKK zippers, a ballistic nylon exterior with waterproof coating, an ergonomically designed shoulder strap system with three adjustment points, a breathable back padding design, super soft neoprene mobile phone pocket, and stretchy side pockets for water bottles are just a few of the benefits that make Boa flow the ideal camera bags to move creative gear.

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Strong Booq Python Blur Camera Bag

Booq Python Blur Camera Bag

Python blur camera bags have been designed for creative professionals with a laptop, SLR camera & 2-3 lenses, large headphones & related accessories. Python Blur camera bags are featuring an innovative interior layout, you can store your camera & lenses or large headphones in the top compartment. Additional accessories & lenses can be tucked into the neoprene side pockets. The main compartment of the camera bag can be accessed via the front zipper, or via the top zipper since the top bottom of the top compartment can be folded down, creating a large main volume. The superior quality and innovative design make the Python Blur one of the best camera bags money can buy.

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Soft Case Built Mini Camera Bags

Built Camera Bags

Built design iconic neoprene totes, sleeves and camera bags that make everyday life more enjoyable. Their roots in American industrial design guide them to believe form is as important as function, and color is the glue that binds them together. Their camera bags are no exception. The so called Hoodie is a slim fit camera bag designed to fit most slim line cameras. With a hard ETA back to protect your camera and soft felexible neoprene at the front the Built Hoodie camera bags are the perfect companion to protect your digital camera and the precious memories it contains.

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Buy Incase Camera Bags at

Incase Camera Bags

Incase creates innovative camera bags that provide people with an uncompromising, elevated experience. Incase camera bags don't interfere with the user experience - they enhance it. By immersing themselves in the communities they serve, Incase create the highest quality camera bags for all situations. Incase looks to musicians, athletes, industrial designers, artists, and mavericks across the cultural landscape to help them create their products. Talking with the experts is a means to an end, the end being providing people with a better experience through good design.

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Incase Nylon Bags

Incase Nylon Camera Bags

As part of the Nylon collection Incase released two camera bags. The Nylon Carry Case and the Nylon Sling Pack. As with all Incase products these two camera bags combine the best materials with functionality and style. When it comes to camera bags a lot of the times you will have to choose between looking good and being functional. Not so with these two camera bags. With their weather resistant nylon construction and adjustable padded camera and lens compartments the Nylon camera bags not only offer professional grade protection but also look damn good!

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